Farewell Address of 45th President of the United States

This morning I watched the Inaugural ceremonies for the 46th President of the United States on YouTube. Over the entire watch time, the LIVE view count was less than 40,000. I took screenshots throughout the ceremony to help me remember the number of viewer counts during this historic occasion. I thought sure since this particular inauguration was the most restricted in attendance that the viewer count online would be in the millions, but I was wrong. When I visited the Whitehouse.Gov page on Facebook, I learned that the page ID for the page I had liked (under the 45th administration) had been changed to whitehouse45 and found this farewell video (which at the time I could no longer find on YouTube).

After publishing the first edition of this post, I returned to YouTube and searched again for the Farewell Address and learned that the YouTube channel ID for it had changed to whitehouse45 also, and it was a channel I already subscribed to. Here is the title and link for that channel now; this link drops directly to the uploaded videos listing – Trump Whitehouse (Videos)