45th POTUS Whitehouse Final Departure

As I was preparing to watch the inaugural ceremonies for the 46th POTUS, I missed the Whitehouse departure scene for the 45th. Fortunately, that video was available on the WhiteHouse45 Facebook account but when I followed the standard procedure to copy the embed code and include it here, I got an error code. Here is the link to that video – Final Departure 45th Potus Marine One
I signed into Twitter, hoping to find the video there, and found this tweet, but when I click on the photo image, it resolves to a 404 error at whitehouse.gov. At the time I saw this tweet on Twitter the WhiteHouse45 account had 26,377,299 Followers whereas the new Whitehouse.gov account had 2,257,500 Followers.

Potus 45 Farewell Address